SUZY WHALEY: Golf Coach, Pioneer, PGA President

Suzy Whaley has made a career out of breaking new ground and creating unchartered trails in the golf world. Her election as President of the PGA of America - the first female president of the association - made worldwide headlines and changed the face of the golf industry forever. But it's her family and her devotion to teaching that drives her love of golf. Whaley shares her special insight into chasing your golf dreams and the secrets to her success with us in this special edition of "Game Changers."

BRANDI JACKSON: Preparing for College Golf

If you have a junior player with aspirations to play at the collegiate level, Brandi Jackson can help. With her background as a standout junior, All-American collegian and years on the LPGA Tour, as well as her work in the recruitment world - Jackson provides a special insight and advice for players and families needing to navigate the often confusing world of college recruitment and selection.