SUZY WHALEY: Golf Coach, Pioneer, PGA President

Suzy Whaley has made a career out of breaking new ground and creating unchartered trails in the golf world. Her election as President of the PGA of America - the first female president of the association - made worldwide headlines and changed the face of the golf industry forever. But it's her family and her devotion to teaching that drives her love of golf. Whaley shares her special insight into chasing your golf dreams and the secrets to her success with us in this special edition of "Game Changers."

BRANDI JACKSON: Preparing for College Golf

If you have a junior player with aspirations to play at the collegiate level, Brandi Jackson can help. With her background as a standout junior, All-American collegian and years on the LPGA Tour, as well as her work in the recruitment world - Jackson provides a special insight and advice for players and families needing to navigate the often confusing world of college recruitment and selection. 

MICHELLE HOLMES: One of the leading junior golf coaches in the world

Michelle Holmes has parlayed a love of golf, a passion for teaching, an astute eye for marketing and a great connection with kids - into a flourishing nationally renowned junior golf program. In this podcast, she shares her background, why a junior coach matters, and what parents and coaches need to know about finding the best fit for kids who want to learn golf.  



As a writer/producer for one of the world's most prominent golf publications & websites, Ryan Asselta has an inside look at virtually every aspect of golf. But his favorite golf memories are the ones he's creating now with his sons, two world-class players at the junior level. Ryan shares his thoughts on caddying for them, the joys and challenges that come with the role, and the state of the game in general in this edition of "Game Changers." 



For several years, the golf industry has undergone a concerted effort to increase golf participation - for playing and for careers - for women in golf. Hand in hand in that effort was the outreach to junior players as well. So has it made a difference? And what's the best way to get non-players involved in learning and playing the game? Deb Vangellow, the President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals division joins us to discuss.