Mike Johnson - Golf Digest

Few people have their finger on the pulse of golf better than Mike Johnson, Senior Editor at Golf Digest. Though his area of concentration typically centers around equipment, he shows keen insight and analysis on every facet of golf - from technology to golf courses to how to grow the game. Hear his thoughts on a wide array of topics, including some of the biggest debates in the golf world now, in this edition of Game Changers. 

Rees Jones - The Open Doctor on the Future of Golf

Rees Jones is known to be one of the most influential and insightful golf course architects of all time. But he is also an astute observer of the game and a proud grandfather who wants golf to prosper so that future generations can enjoy this great sport. Hear his thoughts on his career, his legacy, the golf ball and technology, and so many other important topics in this full discussion with one of golf's greatest minds.